The vision of the Collaborative Program is to assist and support general practices to improve the coordination and management of care for patients, to reduce preventable hospital admissions, and improve patients’ quality of life and access to appropriate services.

The Collaborative Program is designed to encourage and support general practices in delivering focused, rapid, measurable, systematic and sustainable improvements in the care they provide to patients through the sound understanding and effective application of quality improvement methods and skills.

Baseline practice data is collected via the Pen Cat, which is an extraction tool that collects data from general practice software. The collected data highlights areas for improvements and is also utilised to highlight improvement as it progresses.

Provision of program resources to general practices

NQPHN-funded access to Pen CAT Suite of tools:

Doctor examining patient.

Classic Pen CAT

Pen CAT Scheduler

Cleanse CAT

Top Bar Support Tool

NQPHN Collaboratives

  • Indigenous Collaborative
  • Men’s Health Collaborative
  • Women’s Health Collaborative
  • Prevention Collaborative
  • Diabetes Collaborative.

NQPHN deliver two specific types of Collaboratives:

  • Australia Primary Care Collaboratives (APCC) – developed and delivered by the Improvement Foundation based on National priorities (
  • Locally developed Collaboratives that are developed and delivered by NQPHN based on locally-identified need.

Both NQPHN and Australian Primary Health Care Collaboratives deliver a proven system of improving health care through shared learning, peer support, training, education and support systems. The programs use the quality improvement methodology “Plan, Do, Study, Act”, rapid cycles of testing, and measurement of the effects of small change ideas to drive and build sustainable improvements.