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Deep Sea Dreaming
The music video 'Deep Sea Dreaming' is the product of a collaboration between the Juru and South Sea Islander communities in the Bowen region, Desert Pea Media, and Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN).

This production, along with two short films, was created over 14 days in April-May 2019. It is an outcome of a unique, collaborative creative process with Desert Pea Media artists, local Indigenous young people, community members, Elders, and local health services.

Stanza 1

Whichaway - let me tell you something
Wattamooli - that's my introduction
Juru Land, that's where we come from
South Sea to PNG, fresh productions
Trust it, since back in the days
Ancestors painted on caves
Muckin’ about in the bay
Foolin’ around in the waves
When nothing was fake/aye

Stanza 2 

Settlement - FACT, affected our development - BLACK
Took us out of our element - WHACK, now we tellin’ it,

Spittin a rap (ous) bringin’ it back (ous) flippin’ a track
Juru Nation - Slavery (yep) on the plantation
Plain to see - stolen generation - bravery - can’t label me (nuh)

Stanza 3

We got the mangoes and mangroves
You don’t really wanna tango like that though
Come look for mud crabs/‘eso/that's our lingo now let go!
Family, mob, connect, support. That's our joint like Yasso point
Asa fish trap/where we like to kick back - that’s our choice


Our spirit is alive
And it will never die
We dancing on the beaches
Through the changing of the seasons
Got the sky, sand, and the deep sea dreaming

Stanza 4

So all of my balas make en a noise/we gonna set and deploy
Play with the system like toys/Rap for my people in need of a voice
I speak from the heart, I’m keepin’ it real
If you from Bowen then you know the deal/you know the feels
You know the reals/You need the skills
If you got the skills/you pay the bills. That's wassup

Stanza 5

Old world, new world, so many things change in this cruel world
And the truth it hurts, we can save the earth
But we gotta do this first
You gotta go get you some/
Stop with the hate and start with the love
You gotta know where you from
Where you going, what you want // That's wassup

Connection, trust.


23 December 2021