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The Northern Queensland PHN (NQPHN) Education Program aims to meet the needs and build the capacity of the primary health care workforce by supporting GPs and other Primary health care providers and their teams to provide the best possible care for patients. The NQPHN Education Program acknowledges that access to ongoing education opportunities support clinicians to improve the quality of everyday clinical practice by promoting the development and maintenance of general practice skills and lifelong learning.

The NQPHN Education Program for health workforce development is designed based on the National Health Workforce Innovation and Reform Strategic Framework for Action 2011–2015, Department of Health & Ageing key strategies, NQPHN Needs Assessment and Regional Population Health Data.

Key Objectives

NQPHN provides GPs, practice nurses, practice staff, dentist, pharmacist, allied health professionals and other primary health care providers with opportunities to access high-quality education events:

  • Designed and delivered locally based on local need, and informed by population health data to support health providers to access continued learning opportunities without the added expense of travel.
  • Ongoing professional development for retention of registration (accredited programs)
  • Continuous Quality & Patient Service Delivery Improvement