Our Role in Health Care for Older People

Northern Queensland PHN partners with healthcare providers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of aged care services with a focus on those who are currently missing out.

We use our annual needs assessment to determine where we and our partners should be focusing. Our vast catchment requires us to be very mindful of the different needs of the communities we serve, and we must pay particular attention to those people at greatest risk.

The nature and scope of Northern Queensland PHN’s role with Aged Care is currently under development. It is envisaged however that the portfolio team will perform a mix of the following functions determined by priorities and the availability of resources:

GP Capacity Building: Build the capacity of General Practice and other primary care providers to meet the needs of older people across our catchment – for example, working with NQPHN’s Practice Support Team to increase GP service access to residents of Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs).

Program Delivery: Deliver Aged Care programs/initiatives funded by external entities – for example, the Better Health Connections Pilot funded by the Department of Social Services.

Health Systems Development: Serve as a ‘backbone entity’ to support collective impact initiatives conducted by Aged Care sector organisations – for example, facilitating the work of a group of collaborating Aged Care organisations to, for example, improve dementia services if this was a shared priority that came from Northern Queensland PHN’s needs assessment.

Commissioning: Use PHN-held funds (where available) to commission aged care-related initiatives to satisfy priority needs for older people across our catchment.