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About the NQPHN Data Program

Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) has chosen CAT Plus as its preferred solution for extracting general practice data, analysing regional health needs, and influencing patient health outcomes within the primary healthcare setting. 

All general practices that have compatible software in the NQPHN region are encouraged to join the NQPHN Data Program. There is no cost and on joining your practice will receive:

  • training, support, and education via different methods (face-to-face, remote, and group events) from the digital health team at NQPHN or PenCS
  • support on how to utilise your data to improve clinical safety, patient care, and prepare for accreditation
  • monthly benchmark reports presented to you in practice with financial reviews to support practice sustainability.
  • Improve your data quality and preparing for accreditation.
  • Streamline business processes.
  • Improve management of chronic disease.
  • Assist with continuous quality improvement (CQI).
  • Reduce risk of medically avoidable adverse events.
  • Identify opportunities to maximise appropriate utilisation of MBS billing.
  • Increase clinical software knowledge and skills important to support you to meet changing requirements for health reform activities.

Cat Plus

CAT Plus provides several tools to assist practices maintain a high level of data quality.

CAT Plus is the most advanced, integrated, and automated Data Sharing and Quality Improvement solution available to Australia’s primary healthcare sector. It is a combination of market-leading technologies that directly targets three primary care layers to improve patient health outcomes: 

  • the patient (Topbar)
  • the practice (CAT4)
  • the population (PAT).

The CAT Plus solution provides decision support to healthcare providers at the point of engagement, submits general practice data for practice analysis, and aggregates general practice data for service planning, reporting, and population health needs. It is a complete solution designed around a patient-centred care model.


CAT4 clinical audit tool is the most widely employed platform in Australian general practices for population health. It supports the general practice team to use data-driven quality improvement in the practice.

CAT4 gives medical practitioners a view of their patient cohort which is easily converted into actionable insights aligned with the Practice Incentive Payment, Quality Improvement (PIP QI), accreditation, and RACGP Guidelines’ best practice.

CAT4 works alongside the practice management and billing software and is compatible with Medical Director, Pracsoft, Best Practice, Zedmed, Genie, Medtech, practiX, Communicare, MMEX, PCIS, and others.


Topbar notifies practice staff of incomplete patient records. From the moment the patient enters the waiting room, reception staff will be notified of missing demographic data, allowing them to update information while the patient is waiting for their appointment.  

At the point of care the clinician is notified of missing key clinical data and indicated diagnoses. Using both their own knowledge and Topbar, physicians can make better decisions based on data.

High data quality is achieved through ensuring complete and accurate patient records.

The RACGP promotes the importance of high-quality patient health records. With appropriate consent, health record information is shared in many ways and its accuracy is essential for communication between health professionals and to ensure patients receive the best quality continuity of health care.

The RACGP also encourages practices to ensure patient health records contain an up-to-date health summary. Missing or incorrectly recorded data has a flow on effect in the following ways:

  • a clinician is not fully informed of patient risk
  • inefficiencies are created when making referrals
  • it leads to inaccurate population health data.
  1. Email and advise that you would like to join our NQPHN Data Program.
  2. Return the signed NQPHN data sharing agreement.
  3. Click here to schedule your software installation appointment with PenCS.
  4. Visit the PenCS site support area to watch introductory webinars. We recommend the following webinars for new users:
  5. If required, schedule a virtual call with the NQPHN Digital Health Team for further training on the PenCS tools.

Following installation, should you require further support we recommend you email to discuss additional support options.

14 March 2022