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Dr Elizabeth Jackson is a strong believer that digital health is the way forward for Australia’s healthcare system.

The Cairns-based obstetrician and gynaecologist is an active user of My Health Record and positively described her experiences with Northern Queensland Primary Health Network’s Digital Health team.

“Being able to utilise My Health Record has been an incredibly valuable tool”, Dr Jackson said.

“Not only does it allow 24/7 access to patient records, but it provides an avenue of secured communication with other health professionals who may be involved in a patient’s care.

“It allows us to work together as a team to deliver high-quality and cost-effective medical outcomes.”

Dr Jackson believes that My Health Record has real potential to effectively replace a patient’s paper-based records.

When Dr Jackson was reliant on paper-based records, she was at the mercy of patients who either forgot to bring the required paperwork with them, or occasionally would be presented with records that were damaged and sometimes unreadable.

In the past, complex and high-risk cases meant Dr Jackson was carrying around with her a substantial amount of paperwork in her patient’s file.

Being able to store records digitally means that Dr Jackson and her patients can now embrace a system of electronic records which can be stored and accessed on any computer or on a handheld device that travels with them wherever they are.

Dr Jackson has even set up a system where she is able to – with minimal effort – download and AirDrop documents to a printer from her mobile phone when she is away from her consulting rooms.

This is extremely beneficial for expectant mothers who will have peace of mind knowing that when the exciting time comes, wherever they may be, their important health information collated from the past nine months will be right there with them.

“In an emergency situation, access to this information is crucial”, Dr Jackson said.

With the Australian Government now expanding My Health Record for all Australians in 2018, Dr Jackson encourages patients to become familiar with accessing information via mobile apps such as the Healthi app[1].

The Healthi mobile app allows you to access summary health information, recent healthcare visits, health provider generated documents such as hospital discharge summaries and pathology reports, medications, and personally entered information such as allergies and advance care documents.

Dr Jackson has embraced and is dedicated to the future of digital health, utilising My Health Record to become a leader in paperless communication and record-keeping for the benefit of her patient-centered health outcomes.

If you’d like to know more about My Health Record, visit myhealthrecord.gov.au or call 1800 723 471.

[1] https://myhealthrecord.gov.au/internet/mhr/publishing.nsf/Content/appconnect