Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) is proud to support primary healthcare providers in our region, including general practitioners, practice employed nurses, practice managers, pharmacists, allied health professionals, and specialists. We are committed to continuous quality improvement, ensuring comprehensive, integrated primary care services, and enabling northern Queenslanders to receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

In 2020, NQPHN is improving how we work with healthcare providers. We are upgrading our website and sharing new online tools to help you get the support you need, when you need it. Our changes aim to simplify and integrate services to make quality improvement faster and easier, plus improve coordination of healthcare. Our new website and collection of digital tools will allow healthcare providers to quickly access resources, workforce education opportunities, and raise enquiries.

We are collaborating with clinical experts and digital specialists to ensure these new tools contain suitable information and are user friendly.

The benefits of these changes to you include:

  • the implementation of evidence-informed healthcare
  • adhering to best practice standards
  • navigating healthcare services in the region
  • increasing the sustainability of your businesses.

NQPHN will continue to advocate to the Department of Health and peak bodies on your behalf around health issues and challenges impacting you as a services provider.

Work with us at Northern Queensland PHN.

General practitioners

We believe data can revolutionise how general practice delivers quality patient care to communities in northern Queensland. Our goal is to support general practices in using their data to improve services and build the sustainability of their businesses.

We are developing and implementing practical tools that will help general practices make the most of their data, including our interactive GP Data Dashboard.

While these tools are still under development, your practice can access the reports via a secure platform. Please contact your local NQPHN office to arrange access.

Allied health professionals, pharmacists, and specialists

We are focused on assisting healthcare providers achieve relevant reforms, such as secure messaging, My Health Record, and referral pathways. In 2020, we will be sharing tools and resources to assist education and training to upskill in these areas and build sustainability.

We will continue to support interdisciplinary collaboration to connect providers locally for service integration, shared learning, and discussion.

Want to know more? View the frequently asked questions below or contact your local NQPHN office.

Frequently asked questions

  • You are updating the NQPHN website and online tools. When will they be ready for use?

    NQPHN has a specialist team working with partners and advisers to develop and deliver these new services by mid-year 2020.

  • What types of tools will be available on the new website?

    NQPHN is collating practical resources to support providers in adopting new and more efficient ways of working. These resources include, but are not limited to:

    • GP Data Dashboard
    • My Community Directory
    • My Health Record
    • Workforce education calendar.

    We are also developing a comprehensive resource library with manuals, fact sheets, policies, and more. 

  • What is the GP Data Dashboard?

    The GP Data Dashboard is an interactive, web-based platform that summarises individualised practice data to generate reports. Practice managers will use these reports to identify areas for quality improvement in their practice.

    The GP Dashboard is free and is available to all practices participating in our Data Program. Contact your local NQPHN office to register.

  • Why is data important in primary healthcare?

    Data is critical in improving healthcare services and building business sustainability. Data allows practices to make informed decisions about areas for quality improvement and to identify where health resources are best invested. Maintaining accurate data also enables practices to improve patient engagement and encourage patients to visit their providers more often, strengthening business sustainability.

  • Why doesn’t NQPHN visit my workplace anymore?

    NQPHN is improving how we work with healthcare providers in our region. With a focus on sustainability, we have shifted to new, more efficient methods of information sharing. This allows us to deliver higher-quality services in less time. We’d still love to hear from you. Contact your local NQPHN office to talk to our team.

  • How can my practice securely access the monthly data reports previously delivered by NQPHN teams?

    Please contact your local NQPHN office to set up secure access to your reports.