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Making Health Better
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Sharing your story can make it easier for others

Sandra Oui, is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community member, who was born and still resides in Townsville working for the Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Women as an Aged Care Coordinator.

Sandra first came in to contact with My Health Record at her local hospital, when it was known as the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR).

Her husband has multiple chronic health conditions, and on one of their many visits to hospital, it was recommended that they register for a digital health record.

“We often have to repeat my husband’s medical history and medications, so to have a summary of his health on the computer that his treating healthcare providers could access 24/7 was a no-brainer for me, and we signed up on the spot,” said Sandra.

“It saves us time by not having to repeat information, and he can receive better care from his providers as they are able to make more informed decisions.

“Plus the bonus of having both our medical history follow us wherever we go was another reason I signed us up.”

Sandra was keen to promote this important form of information sharing with local residents, so at the next community event for her organisation, she invited the Northern Queensland Primary Health Network digital health team to come along and talk about My Health Record.

Renata Danisevska, Digital Health Regional Coordinator, welcomed the opportunity to chat to residents about how My Health Record could benefit them to manage their health better, and answer any queries people they had.

“It is also important to support people like Sandra, who are known in their community and willing to share their personal story,” said Renata.

“People like to hear from people they know. It makes it more relatable and brings to life the words on an information fact sheet.”

Sandra could not agree more, “I’m always chatting to people about My Health Record. A lot of our clients are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, and when they hear my story and how it works for me, they can easily see how it can support them as well,” she said.

“Everyone needs to get involved. People need to ask their GPs to upload a health summary to their record, and GPs should make uploading a health summary for their patients’ part of their everyday business.

“Our health is our first and foremost priority”.