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Commissioning priorities for 2023 are: 

  • HealthPathways
  • Primary care continuous quality improvement (CQI) activities

What is HealthPathways?

HealthPathways is a web-based, location specific information portal designed by clinicians to help you navigate your patient through the primary, tertiary, and community healthcare systems. Each pathway is evidence-based and helps you identify a streamlined care plan and referral process, whilst reserving clinical autonomy and patient preference.

HealthPathways aims to:

  • encourage collaboration
  • improve the health experience
  • identify appropriate referral pathways
  • ensure correct pre-referral tests are completed
  • reduce the time patients spend on waiting lists
  • enhance the quality of referrals to minimise rejection
  • enhance clinical knowledge and promote best practice
  • ensure the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

Visit your region’s HealthPathways:

CQI is an activity undertaken with the purpose of reviewing, monitoring, evaluating, and improving the quality of services, processes, or experiences delivered at your practice.

NQPHN is dedicated to assisting providers in engaging in quality improvement activities. The toolkit provides the information required to successfully carry out quality improvement by guiding you through a process of:

  1. ensuring quality data
  2. identifying areas for improvement
  3. planning QI activities
  4. implementing QI activities
  5. evaluating QI activities.

Undertaking QI allows your practice to deliver improved care and health outcomes to people in your community, as well as improving staff wellbeing and increasing the sustainability of your business by reducing costs or finding new revenue streams.

Find out more here.

09 May 2023