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Public health information
Environmental conditions after floods and cyclones increase the risk for infectious diseases. Please see below links to Queensland Health resources regarding common health related factors following a flood event.

Townsville Public Health Unit Factsheets

  • Health advice – stock losses in the floods and heat
  • Food safety after floods and storms
  • Mosquito issues after the Townsville floods, February 2019
  • How to use MozzieMesh®
  • Dealing with mould factsheet
  • Returning home after floods and storms
  • School playground equipment after floods
  • Meliodosis advice
  • Looking after your health during a dust storm

Townsville Public Health Unit Posters

  • Keep your family safe – Food safety
  • Keep your family safe – Mosquito
  • Keep your family safe – #TheBigWet
  • Mould advice
  • How to handrub
  • Meliodosis advice

More public health disaster management fact sheets are available on the Queensland Government website.

03 September 2020
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