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Foundations for Building Trauma Awareness

Posted Sunday 19 September 2021 | Blue Knot Foundation

This training is the foundation to all educational programs Blue Knot offers on complex trauma.

This training program provides learners with a trauma-informed lens to better understand the impacts and outcomes for people who experience complex trauma. The important message being: Trauma Informed Practice is not about the treatment of trauma or the symptoms, but rather a recognition that trauma experiences are a possibility for anyone (Kezelman & Stavropoulos, 2012).

This training program utilises current research to provide an understanding of trauma, the impacts of trauma on all aspects of life, and subsequently the coping mechanisms formed in response to trauma. The principles of trauma-informed practice are introduced which focus on a strengths-based approach and applicable to all, vital for every person working in health, human, education, disability and legal services, working in government, non-government, public or private sectors.

By participating in this training program, participants will:

  • develop understanding of the types, prevalence, and impacts of trauma
  • understand the neurobiology of trauma and the use of adaptive responses 
  • apply the principles of trauma-informed practice to develop strategies which enhance safety, minimise re-traumatisation and support recovery.

Who should attend?

Anyone in the workplace from diverse sectors including, but not limited to, health, mental health, alcohol and other drugs services, community, legal, justice, domestic and family violence, child protection, emergency, disability, housing, settlement, and employment services.

Last updated: Friday 23 July 2021