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Post-COVID-19 Syndrome or ‘Long COVID’ may be considered as symptoms extending beyond 12 weeks from initial symptom onset. While knowledge and understanding of post COVID-19 conditions is still evolving, there is some evidence to suggest it may be experienced by up to 30 per cent of people who had a COVID-19 infection and may not be related to the severity of their illness.
Long COVID Pathways

To support General Practitioners and other Health Professionals caring for patients experiencing post COVID-19 symptoms, each of the three HealthPathways sites in North Queensland have a Long COVID pathway published.

COVID-19 HealthPathways are regarded as the key sources of truth for clinicians relating to COVID-19.

If you are a clinician and don’t have access to HealthPathways, please contact the HealthPathways coordinator in your area:

Useful Long COVID resources

Clinical resources

Patient resources

20 September 2022