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Hepatitis B Nursing: Advanced Management and Care - Session 2

Posted Friday 18 June 2021 | Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM)

The course will provide nurses with advanced practical skills and knowledge in hepatitis B nursing.


The course includes presentations and case discussions that introduce the epidemiology and natural history of hepatitis B, vaccination, testing, fibrosis assessment, advanced liver disease, stigma and discrimination and the cultural context of hepatitis B nursing. 


Course components

The course is conducted in four parts:

  1. Pre-course work (pre-course survey, online learning modules, lived experience videos)
  2. Two Live Zoom Sessions
    • Session 1: Friday 4 June – 9am-12pm
    • Session 2: Saturday 12 June – 9am-1pm
  3. Homework (video learning module)
  4. Post-course work (video learning module, post-course survey).

Learning outcomes

  1. Outline the epidemiology of hepatitis B and the risk factors for hepatitis B transmission.
  2. Describe the natural history of hepatitis B and demonstrate confidence in interpreting hepatitis B serology to identify opportunities for screening, vaccination, and linkage to care.
  3. Explain the nurses’ role in providing culturally appropriate care, free from stigma and discrimination, to people from priority populations.
  4. Explain the nurses’ role in identifying, diagnosing, assessing, monitoring, and treating patients with chronic hepatitis B and advanced liver disease.
  5. Describe the innovative strategies and models of care that exist to deliver care for patients with hepatitis B and explore local opportunities to incorporate hepatitis B into the nurses’ role.


This course is for: Nurses and Midwives practicing in Queensland. 

This course is funded by QLD Health 

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