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What do PHNs fund?

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) assess the health care needs of their community and commission health services to meet those needs, minimising gaps or duplication. They support health services to connect with each other to improve people’s care and strengthen the primary health care system. Find out more about what PHNs do here.

The NQPHN Commissioning Framework articulates an organisational approach to commissioning to ensure consistency and good practice. NQPHN commissioning is strategic and founded on evidence-based approaches to planning and purchasing services based on local priorities and needs as identified in our Health Needs Assessment.

Unsolicited proposals

Whilst, the Framework provides clear guidance that aligns commissioning with NQPHN’s five strategic goals, informed by priority health needs using systematic approaches, there may be occasional, urgent, or emergent health care needs or gaps that may require a support driven response from NQPHN. When this occurs, unsolicited proposals may be considered.

To ensure high standards of probity, NQPHN has an unsolicited proposals process to obtain applications for funding outside of our planned commissioning priorities.  

Unsolicited proposals can be submitted all year round and will be assessed twice per year. 

2024 unsolicited proposal deadlines for:

  • round one 5pm 1 March 2024
  • round two 5pm 27 September 2024. 

All lodged applications will be assessed, and you will be notified of the outcome in a specified time frame.

To submit an unsolicited proposal, please complete the form here. 

18 January 2024